Premix® is RDC brand for polymer bound materials. In a Premix® the chemical, named “active part”, is homogeneously dispersed in a proper polymeric matrix. RDC technology is unique in the field of predispersed material production: the manufacture of Premix® is carried out in very mild condition, in order to avoid any decomposition of the “active part”. The polymeric matrix has an high compatibility with the elastomeric material and has no effect on the compound cure and technical properties, moreover its low viscosity ensures a fast and complete dispersion of the material even in very soft compounds.


VEACOLOR is RDC’s brand for predispersed organic pigments on elastomeric matrix supplied in slab form


In order to avoid the problematic dosage of liquid additives, RDC is able to supply any kind of dry liquids. Our advanced technology allows homogeneous absorptions of any liquids, even the more viscous ones. The carrier, unless specific request of customer, consists in an inert silicate with high specific surface in order to minimize the wet effect and to increase the flexibility.


To further improve dispersion while maintaining the quality of chemicals, RDC, over the years, has been developing a technology of powder micronization at constant particle size distribution. The micronization process by one hand reduces the average size of chemicals, by the other hand eliminates the coarsest fraction eventually present in the available raw materials.

RDC is able to micronize any chemical additives (accelerator, antidegradants, sulphur, metal oxide, azodicarbonamide) used in rubber and thermoplastic compounds. RDC supplies micronized powder also predispersed in polymeric matrix with the brand PREMIX/M.



Granular Blends, as suggested by name, consist of a mixture of several additives blended together in compact granules. The use of Granular Blends by one hand provides all the advantages already seen for PREMIX, by the other hand allows to add in the mixing the whole or the main part of additives in one step.


RDC is able to supply perfectly homogeneus powder blends, produced on customer demand. The production is carried out under strict control of relative concentration of the components and process condition in order to avoid degradation effect. The blends are supplied in 25Kg net multi-ply paper bags, or, on specific request, in handy predosed and preweighed low temperature melt bags.


The pre-weighing is one of the more appreciated RDC service. RDC can supply in pre-dosed and pre-weighed low melting temperature bags, the entire range of chemical auxillares produced and/or distributed, including aromatic amines (IPPD, 6PPD, DTPD, ODPA), mixture of aforementioned auxiliaries and liquids (silanes, low molecular weight poly-butadiene, etc…)The “bag-in-bag” pre-dosing is preferred when RDC tests, show that, the contact between one or more components should give chemical instability of the blends, or also when the customer would like to look at the number of components. Each bag, comprising one or more additives, is then put together and sealed in one larger bag.